A Retrospective of Houdini

The awesome panelists from the Houdini talk!

The awesome panelists from the Houdini talk!

Do you ever wonder how Science and Technology Oscars are awarded? Attendees at the Retrospective of Houdini event learned about that and so much more! Mark Elendt, Kim Davidson (CEO), Jeff Lait (Senior Mathematician) and Cristin Barghiel (VP Product Development) were all at the event, discussing the incredible work that got them a Scientific and Engineering Award and the history of Houdini.

The award, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, was awarded for their contributions to the design and architecture of Houdini. Attendees got a chance to see and hold a real Oscar statue, plaque and certificate as well as acceptance and rejection letters from the academy.

The talk was followed by a social at a nearby pub where everyone had a great time chatting with the amazing people at Houdini

“With more than twenty years of continual innovation, Houdini has delivered the power of procedural methods to visual effects artists, making it the industry standard for bringing natural phenomena, destruction and other digital effects to the screen.” – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

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