TORONTO ACM SIGGRAPH CHAPTER Professional & Student Chapters of ACM SIGGRAPH exist in 50 cities in 20 countries around the world. We form an international multi-cultural network of people who develop, share, continue, and extend the work and achievements presented at the annual conference. Chapter members include those involved in research, development, education, art, gaming, visualization, and entertainment, just to name a few. Our purpose is to foster and support the local computer graphics community by producing events where professionals and students can experience, discuss, and celebrate interactive techniques.

Help shape and build our Toronto ACM SIGGRAPH Online Social Network and CG Community:

Top 10 Reasons to join the Toronto ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

  1. Collaborate with the computing community through the top graphics not -for -profit association.
  2. Align with aspirational and inspirational professionals, companies and organizations—all of whom love what you do!
  3. Learn, develop and teach: Mentors and Mentees welcome! Contact us for more info.
  4. Establish new and valuable relationships: connect, link and leverage our networking platform.
  5. Enjoy the combination of art and technology, including information on leading- edge advancements.
  6. Identify with enthusiastic, eager and encouraging Chapters members who are dedicated to professional and personal progression and promoting computer graphics.
  7. Celebrate and showcase creativity, innovation and achievements within a technological community: online and in- person.
  8. Gain diverse industry insights covering all computer graphics verticals: studio perspectives, production and process overviews, technological advances, fundamentals and techniques.
  9. Engage and experience a very cool melting pot: science and art mixed with great people!
  10. Give back by volunteering to create a lasting positive impression and contribute to the Toronto Chapter.

*Reasons 1-10 all include having FUN and envisioning that one day, every citizen of the Greater Toronto Area will discover his/her passion for computer graphics and interactive techniques.