Our Toronto Chapter Vision

One day, every citizen of the Greater Toronto Area will discover his/her passion for computer graphics.

Our Toronto Chapter Mission

  1. To draw together, support, and build the local computer graphics community by producing events where professionals and students can experience, discuss, and celebrate the wonder of computer graphics and interactive techniques.
  2. To expand the professional networks of our members in the local computer graphics industry
  3. To generate excitement and appreciation for computer graphics in the general public
  4. To promote ACM SIGGRAPH and the SIGGRAPH conferences

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ACM SIGGRAPH is dedicated to the generation and dissemination of information on computer graphics and interactive techniques. We are a membership organization that values passion, integrity, excellence, volunteerism, and cross-disciplinary interaction in all of our activities.

Toronto ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter Bylaws

Meet Your Officers for 2019-2020

President – Gillian Chesnais

Gillian is a full stack developer and has been a volunteer at the ACM SIGGRAPH conference or the Toronto Chapter for the past 7 years. As a student volunteer, he marvelled at the incredible work displayed at the conference and took an interest in Computer Graphics. Despite focusing on other facets of Computers professionally, he remains passionate and dedicated about Graphics and Interactive Techniques. He dreams of linking together the difference aspects SIGGRAPH throughout Toronto and facilitating Torontonians getting together to geek out about everything Graphics.

Vice President – 

Secretary – Alain Chesnais

Alain is a long time ACM and SIGGRAPH volunteer. He served as ACM President from 2010 to 2012 and ACM SIGGRAPH President from 2002 to 2005. In 2016 he received the ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Award. In 2003, he and his team received and Oscar for the creation of the Maya.software package. Currently he is head data scientist at ScribbleLive. He can often be found flying around the globe with his very own LEGO avatar

Website Chair – Alice Li

Alice is an undergrad student studying physics and mathematics at University of Toronto and a SIGGRAPH newcomer. With experience in both traditional and deep computer vision, she bumped into computer graphics and is still trying to find out how to transfer her skills to computer graphics, particularly simulation and rendering.

Past President – Jacobo Bibliowicz

Jacobo (aka Jacky) is the designated President of the Toronto ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter. He is a master in Colombian Salsa and has a Masters in Architectural Science, and is the lead architect in the Toronto’s chapters start up.  He will apply his leadership skills, Applied & Engineering Physics and software background to engineer city wide Computer Graphics success.  With over 12 years in the Computer Graphics industry, Jacobo is a Senior Research Scientist at Autodesk Research leading the Parametric Human Project under the Ergonomics and Environment Research group.  He attended his first SIGGRAPH conference in 2003 in San Diego and has been a volunteer at SIGGRAPH ever since. He has held a number of global roles at SIGGRAPH conferences and currently serves as a Representative for Latin America in the ACM SIGGRAPH  International Resources Committee. He is also the International Resources Booth Manager and the SIGGRAPH Village for SIGGRAPH 2013. He is also the International Resources Booth Manager for SIGGRAPH 2013. Kicking ass as an avid real-estate investor and in martial arts, Jacky has spear-headed the Toronto Chapter vision and is focused upon delivering a great Toronto experience.

Member-at-Large – Nick Fox-Gieg

Nick Fox-Gieg is an animator and creative technologist based in Toronto. His film “The Orange” won the jury prize for Best Animated Short at SXSW 2010; his films have also screened at the Ottawa, Rotterdam, and TIFF film festivals, at the Centre Pompidou, and on CBC TV. Fox-Gieg was awarded an Eyebeam Fellowship in 2012, a Fulbright Fellowship in 2006, and has received media arts grants from Bravo!FACT, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the arts councils of Ontario, Pennsylvania, Toronto, and West Virginia. He holds an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts and a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University. Most recently, he’s been working on virtual reality and simulation projects at Framestore, Google Creative Lab, and the University of Waterloo.

Treasurer – Cheryl Lao

Cheryl is a computer science student with a focus in computer vision at the University of Toronto. She attended her first SIGGRAPH in 2018 as a student volunteer and then attended in 2019 as a team leader. She is also president of the University of Toronto Computer Graphics Club, a quickly growing community of students who are passionate about all things CG-related! Cheryl is interested in creating tools for artists. Her current research is on a system for artists to explore design variations in virtual reality. When she isn’t staring at a computer screen, she loves pottery and making cards!

Member-at-Large – Roya Shams

Roya is a student studying computer science at the University of Toronto, hoping to contribute to the field of computer graphics or HCI someday. She loves to learn as much as she can about how people from different disciplines love to use and experience technology, especially for their own creation, and generating empathy in different communities. When she is not maintaining the Toronto Chapter website, studying for midterms, or submitting assignments before the deadline, she likes to find any strange physical medium (bits of fabric, metal, yarn) and make something cool out of it. Sometimes she likes to sculpt!

About Our Sponsors

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Top 10 Reasons to join the Toronto ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

  1. Collaborate with the computing community through the top graphics not -for -profit association.
  2. Align with aspirational and inspirational professionals, companies and organizations—all of whom love what you do!
  3. Learn, develop and teach: Mentors and Mentees welcome! Contact us for more info.
  4. Establish new and valuable relationships: connect, link and leverage our networking platform.
  5. Enjoy the combination of art and technology, including information on leading- edge advancements.
  6. Identify with enthusiastic, eager and encouraging Chapters members who are dedicated to professional and personal progression and promoting computer graphics.
  7. Celebrate and showcase creativity, innovation and achievements within a technological community: online and in- person.
  8. Gain diverse industry insights covering all computer graphics verticals: studio perspectives, production and process overviews, technological advances, fundamentals and techniques.
  9. Engage and experience a very cool melting pot: science and art mixed with great people!
  10. Give back by volunteering to create a lasting positive impression and contribute to the Toronto Chapter.

*Reasons 1-10 all include having FUN and envisioning that one day, every citizen of the Greater Toronto Area will discover his/her passion for computer graphics and interactive techniques.

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