Countdown to the third in the ACM SIGGRAPH Webinar series.

Paul Debevec of Google VR will be talking about LED Lighting in Virtual Production for Socially Distant Filmmaking. Here is the description of what he will be covering.

At SIGGRAPH 2002, we showed how to light actors with images of virtual sets displayed on RGB color LED lighting arrays surrounding the actor to create realistic composites into virtual backgrounds, a technique which has become a part of today's most innovative virtual production projects. The future work section of our paper laid out nine avenues for improving the system: 1) Simulating the Sun, 2) Increasing the Lighting Resolution, 3) Simulating Spatially-Varying Light, 4) Recording and Projecting Light Fields, 5) Increasing the Size of the Stage, 6) Simulating Shadows, 7) Improving Matting, 8) Improving Color Rendition with Multispectral Lighting, and 9) Creating Cinematographer-Friendly Tools for Lighting Modification. In this webinar, I'll show how far we've come in each of these areas, as well as in post-production relighting, and what remains to be done in making LED Lighting Reproduction the most powerful virtual production tool it can be.